WATCH: Disrespectful Ilhan Omar Supporters Harass an American Veteran

In this video a proud American veteran is being disrespected by some disrespectful Ilhan Omar supporters.

Ilhan Omar Supporters Harass American Veteran at Trending Politics

This was at a weekend protest in Bellevue, Washington. The conservative, black veteran was simply trying to have a conversation with them, but they continued to chant "right-wing bigots have got to go."

A lot of the time this is the problem with the left. Instead of wanting to get down to a conversation or the root of the issues, they just want to chant. This man was open to talking about the issues with them, but they wanted none of it.

Omar was in the area for a Ramadan fundraiser for CAIR-WA. Jason Rantz was right in the middle of it, covering both sides of the story.

Wherever Omar goes, there are layers of security that must follow. Her visit to Washington state was no different.

In the photo below, police officers formed a barracade between the protesters who are opposed to Omar and the counterprotesters who were defending the views of Rep. Omar.

Disrespectful Ilhan Omar Supporters Harass an American Veteran

The battle continued online where Patriots of Washington claimed that they outnumbered the other side.

Masih Fouladi, the CAIR-WA director, stated that the nonprofit was able to raise over $250,000 that evening to fight Islamophobia.