WATCH: Don Lemon Blasts Black Pastor About Trump's Racism, Pastor Returns with Fire

The left is obsessed with constantly ripping President Trump, whether it's true or not. You can definitely count Don Lemon among that portion of the population.

Don Lemon interviewed Reverend Bill Owens and it was brutal to watch. The black pastor wanted to put the focus on the poor inner city kids but Don Lemon wasn't having it.

Owens pointed out that President Trump insults everyone, not just black people. When that happened, Lemon was triggered because Owens disagreed with his messiah, Barack Obama.

This segment wasn't to provide any value to the poor inner city kids. Lemon thought he could walk out a black pastor and walk him into calling President Trump racist. That didn't work out at all and Lemon kept cutting Owens off when this happened.

All the pastor wanted to do was help his people and that's why he became so irritated with Lemon. Trump hates blacks is the movement that Lemon is rolling with and anyone who doesn't support it is of no use for him.

There were some great responses to the desperate, pathetic segment by Lemon on Twitter:

It's crazy CNN still trots out this bigot and still lets him fail on television for the world to watch. Luckily for the, not many people are watching.

Remember when he said white men are the "biggest terror threat" in the United States? Then there was the time he called standing for the anthem at NFL games "fake patriotism."

This guy is as anti-American as it gets.

One of the great video segments of all-time was when Morgan Freeman said that him and Lemon are proof that blacks can succeed. Freeman refused to take the race bait. Check it out:

Don Lemon refuses to take Morgan Freeman's advice. Despite being a successful, gay black man, Lemon is too arrogant to admit others could have just the same success.