WATCH: Elderly Man Wearing MAGA Hat Harrassed by Leftist

A leftist who also happens to be anti-ICE filmed herself harassing an elderly man who was wearing a MAGA hat in a thrift store.

She also tweeted that if he was “brave enough to wear it out, I’m brave enough to call you out.”

The man is simply trying to shop, but Ahib L. Ascensio films herself harassing the man. This is tough to watch as all the man is doing is supporting his president and someone wants to make his life difficult based on that.

Elderly man in MAGA hat harassed

After facing some serious backlash for harassing the man, she set her Twitter to private, but we were able to obtain a screen grab of it.

“Look at what this man is wearing at the thrift store,” Ascensio said while sticking the camera in his face. “You should be ashamed of yourself, you poor human.”

The man even tries to take the high road by blocking the camera and ignoring her but she continues to berate him.

Ascensio followed up the incident by tweeting that the man was Cuban, as if that made the situation okay or something.

Before she set her account to private, Ascensio was already getting slammed with angry responses to her tweet. She had already made the claim she was getting hate email sand someone is attempting to “hack” her.