Watch: Homewrecker Harris Attempts Southern 'Blaccent' During Dem Debate

Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris isn't doing herself any favors lately, and seems to be making more enemies than fans.

The senator, who was born in California and grew up in Berkeley, attempted a southern 'blaccent' (black accent) when answering a question during the democratic debate on Wednesday. As someone from the south, I guarantee you that her attempt was sad and sounded nothing like a southern black woman.

While explaining her plan to unite the "Obama coalition" in order to win the election, she said, “Look, there’s a lot at stake in this election and I’ve said many times that justice is on the ballot in 2020.”

“It’s about economic justice, it’s about justice for children, it’s about justice for our teachers," Harris continued, “This issue is not, ‘what is the fight?'”

Then came the accent, "The question has to be: Where you been? And what’re you gonna do? The issue is: ‘how we gonna win?”

“To win, we have to build a coalition to rebuild the Obama coalition. I’ve been referring to that because that’s the last time we won,” she added.

Yikes. If there's one thing I know, pretending to be something you're not is a quick way to make people dislike you. If you're not southern, don't pretend to be. That certainly will not make people from the south like you. It's annoying and stereotypical. It's almost as bad as Elizabeth Warren claiming she is Native American!