WATCH: In-n-Out Employees Physically Eject Climate Change Protesters From Their Restaurant

Everyone is fed up with the left crying about everything. They are always the victim and it's never their fault. We've all heard enough of their whining.

Greta Thunberg has those suckers even more fired up about climate change. The climate change nuts are now raiding burger joints.

What do burgers have to do with climate change? The climate change nuts think that meat production is one of the leaded causes of global warming. Seriously.

So we're supposed to just all eat veggies and pass on meat? As if I needed another reason to call BS on these climate nuts there's one more reason.

A crazy group of climate change psycho raided an In-n-Out burger joint. Little did they know the In-n-Out employees were fired up and ready to fight back. They took care of business and drug those fools out of their restaurant.


In-n-Out Employees Take Care of Climate Change Nutbags

How awesome was that? It's great to see the climate change crybabies get dealt with.

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The left is getting more insane by the day. Even when you thought there was no way this could possibly happen.