WATCH: Jim Acosta Cries About Trump Supporters Bullying Him at Rallies

Everyone knows that Jim Acosta loves making the White House press conferences about him. Poor guy. Now he is crying about being bullied by Trump supporters at rallies.

On Tuesday Acosta went on CNN and voiced his displeasure about the situation. It's a very tough life when Trump supporters are calling you out on your fake news reports.

Jim Acosta Cries, It's What He Does Best

We all know this isn't the first episode where Jim Acosta cries. At the same Trump rally where Acosta was taking selfies with people in the crowd he also claimed he feared for his life.

jim acosta selfie with trump supporters

Jim Acosta wants everyone to believe his life is so tough. Playing the victim card is one of the favorite moves of the left. Do people yell a few unpleasantries at him while he's reporting? Sure, but that's part of the job and I am sure the people at CNN make sure he is very safe at these rallies. He is compensated very handsomely in exchange for him "putting his life on the line."

If Acosta was truly worried about his life, then he is free to move on and find a new position with CNN or another company. If it was really an issue he probably would have done that by now.