WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Begs Nancy Pelosi to Impeach President Trump - 'Get in There!'

More of the same out of far left Hollywood. On Thursday night's edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Jimmy Kimmel begs Nancy Pelosi to impeach President Trump.

Instead of comedy, the late night talk shows now focus on the hate of President Trump. They have completely alienated themselves from the conservative Americans.

During the crazy with Nancy Pelosi, who has proven herself time and time again as insane, Kimmel urged Pelosi to "get in there" and "take care of this."

Kimmel repeatedly referred to President Trump as a liar and criminal. It was the usual sickening display by Kimmel.

During the interview Kimmel kept claiming that the American public has been unable to see the Mueller report, which is a complete lie.

When you have Nancy Pelosi on your show, you truly are scraping the bottom of the barrel, as this Twitter user pointed out:

Pelosi claims that President Trump wants impeached because he knows the Republican-controlled Senate would bail him out.