WATCH: President Trump Greeted with Big Hug From Emotional Young Boy

It's not every day that you get the opportunity to give the leader of the free world a big hug. This emotional young took advantage of his opportunity to get a President Trump hug.

During the arrival ceremony for Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison the young boy was especially excited about it.

While President Trump was making his way down the handshake line, there was a young man in a smart gray suit and tie that was particularly excited. He was wearing sunglasses and sporting a sharp haircut and was clearly filled with joy when he was approached by President Trump.

You could see his smile get bigger when he turned to look at a parent and signaled to them. When President Trump was close enough he leaped to him with his arms wide open and gave him a great big hug.

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It's great to see this young boy understands the magnitude of getting deliver a big-time hug to President Trump.