WATCH: Joe Biden Completely Stumped When Asked About Changing Presidents While the Economy Booms

2020 Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden was completely stumped when he was asked a very simple question by a reporter from Iowa.

So what was the question that had Joe Biden stumped? All the reporter wanted to know was why should Americans switch presidents while the economy is booming.

This lady delivered with this question.

Not only did Biden draw a blank, but he also came off as irritated after she asked it.

After Creepy Jot got through the awkward silence he then made his case as to why President Trump is not responsible for the low unemployment rate.

After this effort failed, his next suggestion was for Americans to decided for themselves.

Not thinking too many people will be swayed by the case Biden made.

Joe Biden Stumped by Very Basic Question

President Trump's approval rating is 53 percent. Despite the polls out there, it looks like he is steamrolling toward the 2020 election.

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The closer we get to the election, the more angry Joe Biden gets. Just yesterday he wore into a reporter and demanded she "ask the right questions."

If somehow he makes it through the primaries, imagine how bad it's going to be when he squares off with President Trump.