WATCH: Joe Biden Throws Obama Under the Bus

While Joe Biden did serve as VP for Barack Obama, he still isn't getting any love from him during the primaries. Obama hasn't said a peep about his "close friend" at any point during Creepy Joe's 2020 run so far.

Now Joe is being questioned a ton about the job his son Hunter had at Ukrainian gas company.

At a recent union event, Joe was triggered when a reporter asked about his son.

Joe Biden has to be frustrated that he's having trouble staying ahead of the crowded Democratic field and he's still not getting an endorsement from his pal Barry.

Finally Joe called Obama out.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Joe Biden's spokeswoman said that President Obama was very aware of Hunter Biden raking in loads of dirty money at a Ukrainian gas company.

She told us something that most of us already knew. Obama was complete cool with Joe's son Hunter raking in cash while his dad was also handling United States relations with the Ukraine.

Joe Biden Throws Obama Under the Bus:

Even at his most desperate point Obama refuses to step in and say a few positive things about his former VP. Nevermind coming in for a full blown endorsement. He won't even say anything about Biden.

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It's a bad situation for the Democratic Party. They are forced to press forward with Joe Biden the leading candidate to win the Democratic nominee. Meanwhile, they know that he lacks what it takes to take down President Trump.

You know when Joe Biden throws Obama under the bus, things are looking very bleak for their party.