Watch: Pelosi Kneels for Photo Op, Can't Stand Back Up by Herself

After participating in a protest photo op in which she knelt for nearly nine minutes, Nancy Pelosi struggled to stand back to her feet and needed assistance.

Members of Congress gathered on their knees in the video below for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, while remaining silent. They did so in honor of George Floyd's death, which happened after a police officer knelt on his neck for 8:46. How much they were actually doing this to honor Floyd and how much of it was just a photo opportunity so they can say they "care" is beyond me.

Democrats don't care about anyone but themselves. They have made that quite clear.

“It’s better not to have on high heels,” Nancy said, as she nearly toppled over. Watch for yourself:

Now, what exactly was she saying about President Trump's health? Hmm? Perhaps she should keep comments to herself from now on and stay off her knees!

Of course people are having an absolute hayday on Twitter about Pelosi. "Tough being drunk at 9AM," one person said.

"It looks like a Nursing Home Yoga Class. HAHAHA," another tweeted.

"I hear Kamala popped right, up, almost like she's been there before..." one user responded.

Oop. Throwing some real shade there!

These responses are great. "Great commercial for Life Alert," actually made me laugh out loud!

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