Woman Shares Hack to Make Money at Target by 'Scamming Amazon'

The side gig era has arrived, driven by high living costs. Americans are finding creative ways to earn extra, from reselling finds to writing and personal shopping, inspired by TikTok tips.

A TikToker named Emily shared her unique side hustle after losing her job. In a video with 19,000 views, she enters Target with a different mission: to make money through Amazon's Onsite Commission program.

This program allows individuals to earn by reviewing products through various formats. If a review leads to a purchase, the reviewer earns a commission. Emily demonstrates this by filming a makeup product in Target, planning to post a review video on Amazon without buying the item.

Viewers were intrigued, with some considering it a clever way to "scam" Amazon. Others were excited to try it themselves, showing the growing interest in such creative side gigs.

"Scamming Amazon" aside, the Amazon Influencer Program is a great way to make money online. You can go around your house and create quick minute videos reviewing the products you have that are sold on Amazon and get rewarded handsomely to do so.

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Emily addressed concerns about the legality of her method in a follow-up video. She clarified that the program doesn't require the reviewer to buy the product, ensuring she's within the rules. She also mentioned using only products she has tried, maintaining authenticity in her reviews.