WATCH: Sarah Sanders Brings the Heat: Dems 'Care More About Keeping Our Borders Open Than Keeping Our Government Open'

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders brought the heat when she was on CBS This Morning on Friday to talk about the ongoing government shutdown.

The Trump White House has given the Democrats several different options to reopen the government, but on Friday they left after working for just four minutes. Meanwhile President Trump has passed on his Christmas vacation so he can work straight through the holiday season.

Sarah Sanders said to CBS:

“We’ve made that clear to the Democrats that we’re not going to negotiate in the press but the president has been willing to negotiate on this point and the Democrats have not been willing to do anything. And that’s the sad part. They care more about keeping our borders open than keeping our government open.


More on the shutdown, per CBS:

The partial government shutdown that started Saturday is now expected to stretch into the first weeks of January. That means it's already on track to be one of the longest ever.

This is the 21st government shutdown since Congress adopted new budgeting procedures in 1976, according to the Congressional Research Service, and it's also the third this year alone. For perspective, there were only three shutdowns in the 25 years before 2018.

The history of government gridlock shows a pattern: Shutdowns are usually resolved in just a few days, or they drag on for two or three weeks.

The shutdowns start when the president and Congress can't agree on government funding — and the longer they last, the more they hurt the economy. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers are furloughed, services are ceased and major tourist attractions close. Standard & Poor's estimated last year that shutdowns cost the U.S. $6.5 billion a week. The last major shutdown, in 2013, cost $24 billion - a rate of nearly $1.5 billion a day, according to S&P.

Obviously a shutdown is not good for business, but if this is what it takes for President Trump to improve border security, then perhaps it is necessary.