WATCH: Two Illegal Aliens Try and Fail to Scale President Trump's New Border Wall

Despite the new border wall there are still people up to the challenge of trying to scale it. Two illegal aliens tried and failed to scale the wall.

This happened last month. You may have missed it. Just in case we have you covered.

The strange part about the scaling of the wall is that these people were actually trying to get back to Mexico from the United States. It was over the portion of the wall that just went up near San Diego.

There's good news. The new wall gave the criminals enough trouble that authorities were able to track them down and not allow them to roam the United States freely.

It's great to our border authorities given what they need in able to succeed and keep people like this out of our country.

Check out the video:

Two Illegal Aliens Try and Fail to Scale the New Border Wall

President Trump has delivered on his promise and the wall is in progress. It hasn't came easy, but it's well on its way.

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Promises made, promises kept! Great job by President Trump of refusing to give up when it comes to the border wall. Keep America safe!