WATCH: Video of Patriot Jon Voight in Action Goes Viral

Not every Hollywood movie star is a Never Trumper. Take patriot Jon Voight, for example. He's an Academy Award and Golden Globe winner. But he also has some common sense and doesn't subscribe to the "orange man bad" movement of Hollywood.

On the 4th of July, Voight joined Gold Star families at the Rally for Freedom as part of President Trump's "Salute to America." There was rainy weather that day so Voight grabbed a roll of paper towels and made sure the seats for the families of the Gold Star members weren't wet. Gold Star families are the families of the United States military members who died in service for our country.

Mike Hahn captured video of this happening.

Hahn tweeted,  While Hollywood Elites protested President @realDonaldTrump’s ‘Salute to America’ on July 4th... Here’s a video of John Voight cleaning the rain off seats for Gold Star families. This is what it’s all about!

Patriot Jon Voight in Action

Leading up to the event Voight stated:

“There’s no greater honor than to stand with these moms who have lost their loved ones who sacrificed for our country, for our freedoms, and who love and honor and respect our nation,” Voight said. “If they knew anything about the Second World War, they’d know that socialism is a disaster It’s never produced anything anywhere in the world. It’s an economic sinkhole, but it also produces nothing but misery and violence.”

This past Tuesday Voight posted a video on Twitter where he expressed his gratitude to President Trump: