WATCH: Were Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Dancing After Goading Trump Into War With Iran

President Trump made a big-time decision to not strike and take the 150 Iranian lives. Before learning about this, were Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer dancing to celebrate that war was imminent?

On Friday President Trump decided not to drop retaliatory bombs on Iran after they took down a United States drone. Before the strike happened, he met with Congressional leaders in the White House to figure out the best way to handle the situation.

When the meeting ended, it looked like Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Senate leader Chuck Schumer were seen doing some celebratory dancing outside the White House. While heading to their cars, they raised their hands while dancing and cheering. Check it out:

Were Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Dancing?

Were the Democrat leaders jumping for joy for talking President Trump into another bloody war?

Well, it didn't happen. President Trump called off the strike.

According to a report from the liberal media, Chuck Schumer was dancing and jumping for joy because his mother was released from the hopsital.

At least that's what Schumer is going with. What do you think?