Where Did the $16 Billion in Federal Grants Given to Baltimore in 2018 Go?

In 2018 the city of Baltimore was given $16 billion in federal grants under the Trump administration. The city is in really bad shape. Does anyone know where the money went? Does Rep. Elijah Cummings know where this money went?

Here are some tweets documenting what type of mess the Democrats in Baltimore are facing.

Baltimore's Democratic Mayor Catherine Pugh's homes were raiders.

Allegedly she made money from a book. This caused a scandal and ultimately led to her resigning.

President Trump got this investigation started by pointing out that there have been billions of dollars pumped into Baltimore with no results coming from it. He also called out Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Perhaps all of this money was spent on plywood. There are a lot of boarded up windows in Baltimore and someone had to pay for all of that plywood.

It's no secret that Baltimore is in bad shape. Yet the left accuses President Trump of being racist when he calls out how bad it is. Even far left Bernie Sanders has compared Baltimore to a third world country.


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Remember this Bernie? #feelthebern #baltimore #thirdworldsociety

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President Trump is doing a masterful job of bringing attention to the bad areas in this country. Hopefully this will motivate Baltimore to band together and improve the area and positive will come from this nasty exchange.