Georgia Bill Could Prevent Same-Sex Couples from Adopting

A bill filed on Tuesday could prevent same-sex couples from adopting in Georgia, as it would allow faith-based adoption agencies to refuse to place the children with LGBTQ couples.

State Senator Marty Harbin explained that Senate Bill 368 is meant to “preserve choice” for the birth mothers who want their children to grow up with a particular religious background.

I understand it, and personally I do not think that it is such a terrible thing. A faith-based organization should be able to have some sort of control over who they allow to adopt children from them. Adopting a child is a serious thing.

The bill would allow agencies to refuse to work with couples that violate “certain religious or moral convictions” the agency holds. Harbin said the legislation could apply to people including same-sex couples or atheists.

“This would not limit any adoption agency,” Harbin said. “We want to make sure the First Amendment right to free exercise is in place. This preserves and protects agencies with these values ... and gives women more options rather than less.”

Civil liberties and business groups have previously opposed so-called “religious liberty” measures, saying they discriminate against gay Georgians.

Gov. Brian Kemp has made increasing the ease of adoption a priority for the current legislative session.

Kemp previously said he would not try to pre-emptively block legislation that would allow agencies to refuse to work with LGBTQ people, but deal with the issue “when the time comes.”

In a press conference before the legislative session began, Speaker David Ralston said he didn’t want similar “religious liberty” legislation to stymie wider-reaching adoption legislation.

“I will advocate very strongly that not get held up again.” Ralston stated.

What do you think? Is this a fair bill or does it infringe on rights? Let us know in the comments!

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