Where's Jackie? President Biden Gets Devastating News After Giving Shoutout to Rep. Jackie Walorski

President Biden was trying to give a shoutout to Rep. Jackie Walorski, who died in a tragic car accident in August.

“Jackie are you here? Where’s Jackie?” Biden questioned after thanking several members of Congress.

“I didn’t think she was going to be here,” he continued. Normally someone is nearby to stop him in these situations, but this just kept getting worse.

Biden was speaking at an event geared to stop national hunger. Hopefully, he didn't have any plans of making Jackie an integral part of this movement.

Shortly after her death, the White House issued a statement mourning her death on August 3. Obviously, Biden has zero recollection of that.

At her time of death, Biden praised Walorski’s efforts at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, pointing out “her deep care for the needs of rural America.”

It's not clear whether or not Biden was reading from a teleprompter when this disaster happened and he gave the "shoutout" to the deceased Jackie, but he never backtracked to address the brutal error.

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