Woke Lakers Crushed as NBA Ratings Continue to Crash and BURN!

Since the NBA turned BLM activists, their ratings began to plummet. The crash continues as the protesting goes on, and the L.A. Lakers' big win was the least rated game of their series.

Compared to their 2019 playoffs, ratings were down 18 percent! And viewership was down 16 percent! This threw them off double-digits from last year's numbers. Who knew that being woke could cause you to go broke.

Breitbart reports:

One of the worst showings was the L.A. Lakers’ series-clinching win which ended up being the least watched game of the series slipping one percent in the ratings over Game 2, according to Sports Media Watch.

The site also noted that NASCAR trounced LeBron and the Lakers Game 5 ratings, with NASCAR finishing “comfortably ahead at a 2.4 and 3.87 million,” SMW reported.


Sunday evening’s Celtics-Raptors game was also way off over last year. The game averaged a 1.1 and 1.68 million on ESPN, but last year the numbers for the Celtics-Bucks game came in at 2.8 and 4.20 million on ABC.

The Thunder-Rockets Game 5 averaged a 1.3 and 2.14 million, SMW said. Ratings and viewership jumped 59 percent and 80 percent respectively over Game 4 (0.8, 1.19M). But it was still a loss compared to last year, off 35 percent in ratings and 30 percent in viewers from Game 1 of a Sixers-Raptors semifinal (1.95, 3.08M).

Ouch! Maybe if professional athletes got off their knees and stood for our National Anthem then Americans would have more respect and interest in watching the games. Until then, the tv will remain off.

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