Gay Man Banned From Twitter for Dropping a Truth Bomb About Transgender People

Mikey Harlow, a gay model and writer, has been banned from Twitter for a crazy reason. He just posted a few truths about transgender people that hurt Twitter's feelings.

"Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people want to be treated the same as everyone else. Radical alphabet people want to be treated differently. That is a key distinction. And that is why sane LGBT individuals take such exception to the latter category," Harlow tweeted.

mikey harlow banned from twitter

Mikey wasn't done yet.

"Good news! There is NOT an epidemic of trans people being murdered. 5 out of 100k Americans are the victims of homicide. 1.1 out of every 100k trans people are victims of homicide. About 20-25 trans people killed each year. 51 Americans are struck by lightning every year."

But wait, that's not the agenda the transgender community likes to push about them.

mikey harlow transgender tweet

This next tweet may have been the one that did him in.

"These are both me. Sometimes I like looking like and androgynous emaciated albino space vampire. Sometimes I like looking like a strung out 90's computer hacker. Sometimes I feel more gay vampire, sometimes I feel more sk8r boi. Guess what? That doesn't make me my own special gender."

mikey harlow vampire tweet

Harlow has contested the suspension and has now been notified that the ban is permanent.

To better make their case Twitter showed months old photos of Harlow harassing Ivanka Trump:

Meanwhile lunatics like Tom Arnold can say whatever they want and remain on the platform.

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