Woman Accidentally Orders 12 Years Worth of Toilet Paper Amid Coronavirus Shortages

Even gone to the bathroom only to realize there is no toilet paper? It's possibly one of the worst inconveniences known to man. What's worse than that? Going to the store to buy more toilet paper only to find that the shelves have been wiped clean!

That's what's happening in stores across the world. People are panicking and wiping the shelves clean of water and supplies. So when others go to get their normal supplies, there is nothing left. I was at Sam's Club yesterday and people were clearing the last two pallets of toilet paper.

People in other countries are literally fighting over it!

However, one family in Australia will not have worry about toilet paper for years to come. While ordering online, and attempting to order 48 rolls, they ordered 48 boxes!

Fox News reports:

Haidee Janetzki meant to order 48 rolls of toilet paper, but instead ordered 48 boxes, Reuters reports. Now, she and her family are the proud owners of 2,304 rolls of toilet paper, which they have stacked up in their garage.

Australia is currently facing a shortage of the bathroom necessity, ABC reports. This is likely due to Australians stockpiling everyday items after hearing about reports of the coronavirus outbreak. This has forced some factories to ramp up production to a 24-hour-a-day schedule.

“I’m relieved my friends and family don’t have to worry about it,” Haidee Janetzki said.

Chris Janetzki shared a video of his family’s unexpected toilet paper haul on Facebook, where he showed Haidee sitting on a throne made out of the large boxes of toilet paper.

According to the family, they don’t plan on using all of the toilet paper themselves (which they say would take them about 12 years to do). Instead, the family says they plan on selling the extra boxes in a fundraiser for the same price they paid.

My question, is how did they notice the price difference between 48 rolls and 48 boxes? Perhaps the price gouging is so bad already that they thought it was normal!

Posted by Chris Janetzki on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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