World Economic Forum: Climate Change is 'Causing Birds to Shrink'

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), climate change is causing birds and other animals to "shrink." No really, they claim that animals are shrinking in size, while bird's winds are getting longer, thanks to good ol' global warming.

The WEF posted a clip on Twitter citing a piece published in Ecology Letters to express their proposal.

“Scientists say birds are shrinking because of climate change,” the video text says, “Researchers looked at more than 70,000 North American birds and found that over 40 years most have got smaller while their wingspans have grown longer.”

“Scientists think smaller bodies help the birds keep cool but this means they have less energy so they need bigger wings to compensate,” the WEF continued, “Experts think global warming is causing other animals to shrink, too, including species such as mountain goats, fish, salamanders, and wasps—all getting smaller as the planet heats up."

“This is affecting feeding habits and the availability of food and changing behavior. So limiting global warming is vital to avoiding further damage to our wildlife,” the video concluded.

Their own logic contradicts itself though. They suggest that bird's bodies are shrinking in order to "keep cool," yet they also claim that the same thing is happening to fish. Fish are cold-blooded. So how exactly does that make sense?

Breitbart reports:

[T]he video concludes by asserting that global warming must be limited to avoid “further damage” to wildlife.

What exactly is the damage here?, one would like to ask WEF. Is all biological evolution “damage”? Do animals historically become worse by adapting to natural habitats and climatological change? Why is all change assumed to be a loss?

It would seem, rather, that the knee-jerk reaction of many of our contemporaries is to assume that any alterations in nature must necessarily be the result of climate change and must also necessarily be bad. This is never proven, of course, just assumed.

If the climate change lobby would like more people to get on board with their crusade, they would do well to offer a little more science and a little less ideological propaganda.

Every few months the global warming club comes out with a new reason or scare as to why climate change is destroying the earth. Each theory is more far fetched than the last. When will they give it up?

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