25-Year-Old Teacher Lured Teenage Boy Into Sex With Snow Cones

A 25-year-old Baltimore teacher lured a teenage boy into sex with snow cones and booze and then had sex with him at her grandparents house, according to prosecutors.

Alexis Mercedes Boberg turned herself in on Monday after a student told police that they had met up for sex several times in May.

The two first began communicating on Snapchat after exchanging their phone numbers at school. According to the report, she took the teenager and one of his friends to get snow cones. After the snow cones they then went to get a couple mini bottles of rum which the boys drank.

Just a few days after their initial meeting she met with the one teenage boy at her grandparents' house. The boy waited outside of the property before Boberg signaled him to enter the property. He then entered the home through a back entry way and they then had sex in a bedroom.

Days later they met up again. This time they met up at a local mall and then returned to Boberg's car to have sexual relations.

According to reports, Boberg plans to plead not guilty to the charges, according to a report from the New York Post.