Amazon Driver Delivers PSA to Rural Customers: 'This is how you do it'

Amazon delivery driver and TikToker A.Z. Almighty (@our_elite_finds) has a message for rural folks: Get a separate box for non-USPS deliveries.

“PSA: Everybody who live in these rural a** neighborhoods, these long a** dirt roads,” A.Z. says as he approaches a home’s front gate, leading up a dirt road.

He walks to a plastic bin by the gate, likely for non-USPS deliveries.

“This is how you do it,” he says, showing a mailbox and a placard with logos for UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, and USPS.

The sign is zip-tied to the gate. A.Z. nods, pointing to it as a great example for protecting packages and guiding delivery drivers.

“This is how you do it. Perfect,” he says into the camera, ending the video.

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Earlier, the Daily Dot reported A.Z.'s message to those requesting non-USPS drivers to use their mailboxes. He explained it's illegal for non-USPS deliveries, and drivers could lose their jobs.

Rural post offices struggle with Amazon's demands. The Washington Post highlighted the pressure on one office to prioritize Amazon packages over other mail.

More drivers are needed in such areas. Hacks like A.Z.'s can improve delivery efficiency, though some doubt their universal applicability.

“And all the sketchy neighbors know all your packages are there,” one user commented.

Another urged rural residents: “And for the love of god, get some lights out there.”

A TikToker suggested: “The best… put your freaking address on the gate or something.”

But there are drawbacks. One user warned of critters: “Careful lifting them lids. I once found a rattlesnake inside.”

Another shared their proactive approach: “I spent $2K clearing and rocking a circle drive so y’all can pull up and leave without backing into the road.”