Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals the One Movie He Regrets Passing On

Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the Kelce brothers on their podcast and shared his biggest Hollywood regret: turning down "The Rock."

On the "New Heights" podcast, Jason Kelce asked if there was a movie Arnold wished he'd taken. Schwarzenegger mentioned "The Rock," a film he passed due to an incomplete script.

He explained that the script was short and filled with notes. Schwarzenegger wanted a finished script before committing.

At the time, Schwarzenegger was busy with three other films. He declined the offer, and Nicolas Cage ended up starring alongside Sean Connery.

Schwarzenegger praised Cage and Connery's performances in "The Rock." He admired the movie, calling it a perfect ten, but wished he had been part of it.

Known for roles in "Terminator" and "Predator," Schwarzenegger advised the Kelces to choose roles with well-written scripts. He sensed they were eyeing Hollywood careers.

He complimented the brothers' talents and hinted at their potential in the entertainment industry. Schwarzenegger acknowledged their interviewing skills and humor, suggesting a bright future in showbiz.