Bill Maher Floats Possible Replacement for Biden: 'We've Babied Joe Biden Long Enough'

"Real Time" host Bill Maher urged Democrats to consider an open convention. He believes this could boost voter enthusiasm and lead to a victory in November.

In a guest essay for The New York Times, Maher expressed concerns about Biden's age. "As Joe Biden himself would say, 'Here's the deal': What happened at the debate last week wasn't a tragedy, it was a blessing in disguise," Maher wrote.

Maher suggested that a new candidate aligns with the American love for novelty. He mentioned Obama's youth as a key factor in his 2008 victory. Obama’s short political record played to his advantage.

Maher continued, saying Democrats couldn’t buy the enthusiasm an open convention would generate. Hosting it in Chicago, known for its convention drama, would add to the excitement.

Instead of repeating old talking points, Maher said, an open convention could revitalize the party. He compared the recent debate to the worst episode of "The Golden Bachelor."

Maher proposed Gavin Newsom as a strong candidate. Watching Newsom defend Biden and criticize Trump impressed him. Despite Newsom's "California baggage," Maher believes he outshines Biden in debates.

While Maher respects Biden and appreciates his service, he thinks it's time for Biden to step aside. He noted Biden appeared "vigor-less" compared to Trump.

Maher referenced Shakespeare, saying Biden has been babied enough. He believes Biden not stepping aside would be selfish. This change, according to Maher, hinges on Biden's decision to step down.

On "Real Time," Maher reiterated his call to replace Biden. He stated it's now "absolutely apparent" that this is the only way for Democrats to win.

Maher recalled a debate clip where Biden said his administration "finally beat Medicare." Maher compared it to a knockout punch, signaling to him that the election is over.