Rep. Lofgren Accuses McConnell, Graham: ‘They Plan to Rig the Trial’

It’s not enough for House Democrats to see that they are losing when it comes to the impeachment inquiry. They will not walk away gracefully, but rather try to bring everyone down with them with bogus accusations.

On Sunday, Rep. Zoe Lofgren accused Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham of something she thinks they MAY do, which is “rig” the impeachment trial in the Senate.

The Democratic legislator told MSNBC’s “Katie DC” that she has heard rumors of the senators “[planning] to rig the trial” in order to “protect” President Trump. She then warned that doing so would be a “serious problem for the country.”

“Some of the things I’m hearing from [Graham and McConnell], looks like they plan to rig the trial,” Lofgren explained, “That’s a serious problem for the country, but I think it’s a problem for Trump as well. President Trump is hoping to be exonerated. He will not be exonerated if everyone knows he rigged the trial.”

“If they’re not going to hear any evidence, if senators announce that they’ve already made up their minds, they don’t need to look at the facts, that doesn’t clear the president if he’s not convicted in the Senate.“ She added, “That’s just a political endeavor to protect a man who is guilty of abusing his power.”

Sounds like she is simply throwing that accusation out so that when the Democrats lose the trial, she can point and say “see, I told you so!” Then the left will have another witch hunt to ride on. It will never end, not as long as Trump is president.