Bishop Wooden: A ‘Woke’ Church Should Oppose Planned Parenthood

Is your church "woke"? Are you? If you claim to be a Christian but do not oppose abortion, or your church does not oppose abortion, then you may not be as woke as you think.

Bishop Patrick L. Wooden, Sr. preached a sermon at the Upper Room Church of God in Christ. He blasted Planned Parenthood and their history of racism and eugenics, led by founder Margaret Sanger.  His sermon was delivered just days after the Roe V. Wade anniversary, on January 27th. That Supreme Court case is what led to the legalization of abortion in our country.

“Everyone’s talking about being woke! Woke? And you didn’t know that Margaret Sanger said this?… How you going to be a woke church and don’t know this?” The Bishop said, and quoted Sanger's 1939 letter to Clarence Gamble, a eugenicist, in regards to the "Negro Project."

“You Bishops and Pastors and leaders out there, if you haven’t told your congregation about the number one killer of African Americans — an organization that kills more African Americans every two weeks than the Klan did in its entire history — you are not qualified to use the word ‘woke’,” he said. “For you are the epitome of being asleep!”

Live Action reports:

Live Action News has documented how, along with Sanger, many of her board members were also deeply entrenched in the racist philosophy of eugenics. And well after Sanger, Planned Parenthood remained a significant part of the eugenics community.

In the letter the Bishop referenced, Sanger expressed her desire to use Black ministers in furthering the organization’s agenda. She wrote, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” And if it did, these ministers could “straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

The Bishop preached his message after Bishop Elder John Amanchukwu responded to controversy that erupted when North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest spoke about Sanger’s racist eugenics during a Frederick Douglas Foundation event on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Forest had stated in part, “There is no doubt that when Planned Parenthood was created, it was created to destroy the entire Black race. That was the purpose of Planned Parenthood. That’s the truth.”

Elder Amanchukwu defended Forest though. He said, “What Margaret Sanger said – which is the issue at hand — she said she wanted to exterminate the Negro population. What does it mean to exterminate? What is the leading cause of death in our country?… Abortion. So, we wanted to bring awareness to this issue… because we say it all the time.”

Elder Amanchukwu told a WRAL reporter:

To find the true meaning of a thing you go back to its origin where it originated, what was the purpose, what was the intent. The purpose and intent of Margaret Sanger was to exterminate the Black race…. So every Planned Parenthood that still exists today, it has its origins — it’s roots — in the extermination of the Black race. I’m amazed that we’ve even allowed for Planned Parenthood to even remain. To know that in its origin, in its infancy, it was to eviscerate — to eliminate — the Black race.

Upper Room response to Lt. Gov. Dan Forest's comment made on Martin Luther King Jr Day about Planned Parenthood. WRAL interviews Elder John Amanchukwu on behalf of Bishop Patrick Wooden.

Posted by Upper Room Church of God in Christ on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Elder Amanchukwu explained that Planned Parenthood is targeting the Black community.

“When you go to the clinic you will see a steady track of African Americans going into that abortion clinic…. I will pick you up… drive you over… so you can see the travesty, the slaughter, the holocaust that is being wrought on the general community at large and in particular the Black race,” Elder Amanchukwu continued.

“Does not the Bible give the unborn personhood? David gave it personhood. God gave it personhood,” Bishop Wooden added, "Since 1973, 46 percent of Blacks who should be here are missing due to abortion alone…. I don’t understand how any person of color… can have their John Hancock affixed to a political party that has in its party platform the support of an organization that supports a procedure that has wiped out 46 percent of African Americans since 1973. How can you do that and then call yourself woke?"

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