Breaking: New Outbreak Spreading Quicker than Coronavirus

Public health officials have noticed a new outbreak, with thousands of cases already confirmed, that is spreading much quicker than Coronavirus and flu combined: stupidity.

It turns out that stupidity is contagious, this infectious disease is viral. People are listening to the media hype and the fear is setting in. There are many stores already running out of toilet paper, water, and other essentials due to these morons.

That is the official name for people who have the sickness, "morons." They are panicking and that is what the real danger is. Not the coronavirus but the reaction of the morons.

Patients may seem okay until they open their mouths or get their fingers on the keyboards of social media.

Health officials are spreading word that there is a technique to help prevent against the coronavirus: washing your hands. However, one of the symptoms of being a moron is not listening to the facts. Sad.

You just can't fix stupid. It is a fatal disease. While some may have been magically cured, most victims take it to their grave.


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