Brett Favre Stands With Tucker Carlson, Calls for Boycott of Fox News

On Monday, Brett Favre, the NFL icon, urged people to boycott Fox News in response to the network's recent decision to sever its relationship with Tucker Carlson, who is a host and co-founder of the Daily Caller.

“I’m with Tucker. Time to boycott Fox until they come to their senses and let the man speak,” Favre tweeted on Monday morning. The statement was accompanied by a clip from the Megyn Kelly Show along with clips of Tucker Carlson.

According to the video featuring Kelly, she proposed that Fox and Carlson have failed to reach an agreement due to the network's desire to silence him. “He needs to be silenced while Fox tries to rebuild that disappearing audience,” Kelly stated.

Additionally, she contended that Fox is relying on their viewers to tune in for political debates in August or the anticipated declaration from Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, announcing his candidacy for the presidency. The remaining part of the video consists of a compilation of Carlson's notable remarks, many of which could be interpreted as contradicting the interests of the influential global elites who exert their influence on corporate media platforms.

The video ends with a call to action: “Show Tucker you stand with him. Stand with Tucker. Boycott Fox News!”

In late April, Fox News abruptly terminated "Tucker Carlson Tonight," without disclosing the reasons for their decision. Instead, they replaced Carlson with a hodgepodge of the network's less popular anchors.

The ratings for Tucker Carlson's time slot on Fox News have significantly dropped since he was let go. According to multiple sources, including NPR, ABC News, and the Los Angeles Times, ratings have fallen by around 50-56% in the days since his firing on April 24, 2023. Carlson's show, "Tucker Carlson Tonight," was one of Fox News' highest-rated primetime shows, averaging 3.2 million viewers in the first quarter of 2023. However, since his departure, Fox News has struggled to fill the void with its new program, "Fox News Tonight," featuring a revolving lineup of hosts (source: NPRABC News, and Los Angeles Times).

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