Children as Young As Six Years Old Will be Given Compulsory Self-Touching Lessons

Children as young as six years old will be given lessons on compulsory self-touching or "stimulating" their own genitals. This will be a part of classes that will become compulsory in hundreds of primary schools.

Some parents are very angry about these lessons. They are part of a new program called "All About Me." Many parents are angry this teaching program is "sexualizing" their young children.

One couple was so stunned by this new program that they removed their son from the lessons at the school where this program is being taught.

More on All About Me, from Daily Mail:

All About Me is being rolled out across 241 primaries by Warwickshire County Council and could be adopted by other local authorities next year as part of the Government’s overhaul of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE).

Family campaigners and religious groups warned that vague guidelines issued by the Department for Education meant schools could soon be providing sexual material to young children that many parents would consider inappropriate.

Even politicians who had supported the RSE legislation expressed concern. Tory MP David Davies said: ‘I and many other parents would be furious at completely inappropriate sexual matters being taught to children as young as six. These classes go way beyond the guidance the Government is producing and are effectively sexualising very young children.’

Documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday detail how All About Me classes involve pupils aged between six and ten being told by teachers that there are ‘rules about touching yourself’. An explanation of ‘rules about self-stimulation’ appears in the scheme’s Year Two lesson plan for six and seven-year-olds.

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This is completely insane. Six years old? And regardless of the age there are lessons on compulsory self touching? This is headed to a very dangerous place.