WATCH: Don't Ever Mess With an Old Man With a Cowboy Hat and a Mustache

When the sh*t goes down, there are certain people you want on your side. Among those include this old man with a cowboy hat and a mustache.

This thug came and busted into the store thinking he was going to hold everyone up with his pistol. He thought wrong.

The old man in the cowboy hat barely flinched when he had a gun pointed at him. In fact, he took off his glasses, because he knew things were getting serious and it was time to take action. He waited until the young thug looked away and put him in a headlock while simultaneously knocking the gun away.

After the gun was knocked away, an employee of the store grabbed the gun. When the criminal tried to flee, the people in the store combined forces and made sure he didn't get away.

Check it out:

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Kudos to this man. Not only did he prevent a robbery but he could have saved lives while doing so. Also, there is one less thug on the streets.