'The View' Host Reveals Why She Hasn't Gone Grocery Shopping in 3 Years

On Wednesday, Sunny Hostin conceded that the dread of COVID had prevented her from doing her own grocery shopping for three years.

During ABC's midday talk show "The View," Hostin made the revelation, acknowledging that since the onset of the pandemic, she depended entirely on delivery services like Instacart to carry out her shopping.

Check it out:

The discussion was initiated by co-host Joy Behar, who mentioned that she had never used Instacart and, in fact, enjoyed visiting the grocery store herself. Hostin, on the other hand, revealed that she did not share the same viewpoint.

“I haven’t been in a supermarket [since] COVID — for about three years. That’s when I discovered Instacart. I give them a big tip because they don’t always pay their people well and it’s — so that’s been an issue I think for the company,” Hostin said. “But man, you can get toiletries, you can get fire logs, you know those big Bounty towels you don’t want to carry? Somebody else goes.”

Behar objected, explaining that part of the pleasure for her was "meandering" along the aisles to make decisions about what to purchase and what to avoid.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin inquired whether Behar was ever accosted by individuals who recognized her while shopping, and Behar replied that only fans of former President Donald Trump appeared to approach her for a conversation.

"I talk to them," she replied, eliciting laughter from the table. "I ask, 'Why do you like him exactly?' I'm intrigued to learn their reasons. And then they mention Fox News, and I move on and start shopping. But I enjoy conversing with people who have opposing viewpoints."

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg concluded the discussion by acknowledging the audience with a nod and saying, "These are the days of our lives..."

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