College Basketball Coach Channels President Trump's Campaign Slogan for His Team

West Virginia University basketball coach Bob Huggins has always been his own man. Many college basketball coaches wouldn't even think about touching a slogan used by President Trump for his college basketball team. Instead, not only is Bob Huggins using it, but he is also raising money to fight cancer with the proceeds that come from it.

All summer Bob Huggins has been rocking a "Make WVU Basketball Great Again" hat. He has been getting loads of questions about it.

Instead of selling it through Nike and making a profit, Bob Huggins is selling the hat and giving all proceeds to the Norma Mae Huggins Cancer Endowment.

There’s been a ton of questions about the hat I have been wearing around. Here’s the link to purchase your very own and help out the Norma Mae Cancer Endowment.

How great is that? Not only is he selling a hat that he made popular himself, but he is putting all proceeds toward fighting cancer.

Of course, this triggered some people on the left. Only liberals can get mad at someone for fighting cancer.

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So that makes it official. You can trigger the left by making anything great again. No matter what it's racist.