Comedy Heavyweights Say 'Woke' Crowd and 'Cancel Culture' Ruining Comedy

Shane Gillis was dumped by Saturday Night Live after a YouTube video of him surfaced using a racial slur while talking about a Chinatown neighborhood with another comic.

Since this happened several comics have came forward and and lash out against it in several different incidents. Dave Chappelle called it out during his new and controversial Netflix special. Adam Carolla opposed it at Alec Baldwin's Comedy Central roast.

Now Saturday Night Live legends have the back of the comic who lost his big break over this culture. Joe Piscopo, Rob Schneider and Norm McDonald have Gillis' back.

During the YouTube video Gillis said:

“Why do the f---ing c---ks live there?” before complaining that Chinese restaurants are full of "f---ing Chinese... and the translation between you and the waiter is just such a f---ing hassle."

Joe Piscopo told Fox News that while he did not care of Gillis' jokes, there's no way he should have been fired. He pointed out that SNL has always made racy bits a part of their acts and an apology should have been all they wanted form the young comedian.

Norm McDonald, another SNL alum, took to Twitter to tell Gillis how he feels for him.

In Dave Chappelle Netflix special that was recently released he takes on the "cancel culture." He makes fun of the Jussie Smollett accusations and how ridiculous it was that people actually believed this.

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It's good to see that not all of the comics are lost. They realize these "woke" stances are ruining comedy and are ready to make a stand.