Covington Catholic School Getting Harassed by Hundreds of Threats

Despite evidence proving the Native American man was much more in the wrong than the smirking young man, Covington Catholic High School has still received hundreds of threats. After receiving the threats, the school is basically on lockdown.

Classes resumed on Wednesday for the first time since the national controversy erupted. There was an investigation into the alleged death threats against students that began on Wednesday.

Detectives from Erlanger had began to issue subpoenas and warrants as of Wednesday afternoon.

More on this, per WLWT5:

They started by pulling some of the many alleged threats from the internet.

There is no precise count yet, but Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders estimated this week there could be hundreds of such threats.

He is adamant about the seriousness of the situation, stressing that anyone who has made a threat is subject to prosecution if they are identified and found.

Wednesday's return to school grounds by the students was far from a return to normalcy.

Police officers were positioned in the parking lot, at the front doors and inside the high school.

The heightened security is open-ended for now.

Principal Bob Rowe let parents know that the school has taken the necessary steps to make sure everyone is safe, but also said, "If you as a parent do not feel comfortable sending your son to CCH tomorrow or for subsequent days, please know that we understand this viewpoint during this difficult time period."

A large portion of these threats are simply keyboard warriors who aren't actually going to do anything, but still these are kids we are talking about and the necessary steps need to be taken to make sure they are safe.

On Tuesday nights there were reports that some Covington Catholic students that were accused of making offensive comments on the internet. As it turned out, one of the accused was actually not a student at Covington Catholic and not even from Northern Kentucky.

It's good to see everyone in the community working hard to keep these students safe from the delusional leftists that are angry at them for no reason.