Customers Criticize 'Out of Control' Prices at Burger Chain After Sharing Cost of One Meal

A social media post about Five Guys' prices went viral, sparking debate. The post by @WallStreetSilv showed a receipt totaling $24.10 for a single meal, causing uproar about fast-food costs.

The receipt breakdown: $12.49 for a bacon cheeseburger, $2.89 for soda, and $5.19 for fries. With tax and tip, the total hit $24.10. The poster expected a meal to cost between $12 to $15.

This post stirred up significant discussion on X, with over 12,000 comments. Opinions varied widely, highlighting the changing perception of fast-food affordability.

Comments ranged from concerns about fast food becoming a luxury to regional price differences. In California, a similar meal costs even more, at $14.39 just for the burger.

Critics argue Five Guys is overpriced, suggesting $10 should cover a premium burger, fries, and a drink. Yet, some nostalgically joke about prices being lower in the 1990s.

Most of the conversation is unfolding on Reddit, where users are vocally disappointed. A user documented a price increase from $7.79 to $10.79 over a year for a cheeseburger in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Five Guys' higher prices are attributed to fresh ingredients, free toppings, larger portions, and the use of peanut oil for fries.

However, Five Guys is not alone in facing customer backlash over rising prices. Inflation and rising costs have pushed the average burger price to nearly $16 in 2023.

Comparatively, a McDonald's meal costs around $6.19, showing a significant difference from Five Guys' $19.95 average for the same items, reflecting a steep annual price increase across the board.