Dan Bongino Says 'Brennan Freaking Out With Adult Depends Right Now' While DOJ Criminal Probe Goes Down

Fox News conservative commentator and radio show host Dan Bongino took shots at former CIA Director John Brennan who he claims is "freaking out" over what is happening when it comes to the Department of Justice's investigation into Russia.

Bongino joined Sean Hanity on Thursday to talk about the Russia probe transitioning into a criminal investigation.

This started out as a probe but is developing in a big way. Reports have surfaced that claim U.S. Attorney John Durham is looking to interview Brennan.

Now that this is a criminal investigation, the prosecutor is allowed to subpoena witnesses to testify and file criminal charges.

More on the story from Biz Pac Review:

Bongino believes Brennan is joining the Deep State panic.

“They need this impeachment right now because John Brennan is wearing a pair of adult Depends right now,” he said on “Hannity” Thursday.

“John Brennan is on tape, Sean, on tape on video, you can all see it, acknowledging publicly he hadn’t seen the dossier until December. Remember that?” he continued, adding that “that’s not possible.”

“Because in August, John Brennan briefs [former Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid and the Democrats up on the Hill and the information he briefs them on, Sean, mysteriously – for the liberals listening – August, December.  August is before December, right?” Bongino recounted.

“That information in Harry Reid’s letter pursuant to his briefing by Brennan, that Harry Reid sends to the FBI, where is it from?” he continued.

“That’s right, it’s only in the dossier that Brennan claims he hadn’t seen ’til December. For the liberals watching again, August is before December and that’s why Brennan is freaking out with his adult Depends right now because he realizes he is on record lying the entire time,” Bongino explained.

There is certainly a lot of panic setting in when it comes to this becoming an investigation.

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The coming days are going to be very interesting. This was not changed to a criminal investigation for no reason.