Republicans Call for Adam Schiff to Retire

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans are calling for House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff to retire. This comes after his involvement with the "whistleblower" complaint against Trump, in which Schiff lied about his contact with the anonymous person.

Breitbart reports:

The New York Times reported Wednesday that a CIA official went to one of Schiff’s aides with his concerns and that the aide passed on to Schiff those concerns, then instructed the official to get legal counsel and file a formal “whistleblower” complaint.

Later, Schiff revealed the existence of the complaint in a letter and demand the White House release the complaint to Congress. Schiff also told the Daily Beast’s Sam Stein that the committee never communicated with the “whistleblower” prior to the complaint.

“We should go further than censure. He should be removed from the chairmanship of the intel community, and one person makes that decision — the speaker of the House. I requested that in March,” McCarthy said on Wednesday while speaking to Laura Ingraham on Fox News.

“He is now, as you know, a fact witness. And nowhere in our justice system allows a fact witness to be the prosecutor." McCarthy continued, "He needs to recuse himself today, and the speaker needs to remove him as the chairman of one of the most sensitive committees that we have, the Intel Committee."

House Intelligence Committee Rep. Elise Stefanik, who is also calling for Schiff to resign, said, “Re-upping my tweet from last week given the breaking news today that Adam Schiff had early access to the whistleblower & DID NOT share it with his own committee – instead he manipulated this information & played partisan political games. He should immediately step down as Chair."

Her original tweet read, "IMPT question - when did Adam Schiff have access to the complaint or any related information? The letter to Schiff and Burr was dated August 12th. Did Schiff have ANY access earlier than Committee & if yes, why did he not immediately share this with his Committee?"

Wanting Schiff to resign isn't exactly a new development, though.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee penned a letter in March requesting that Schiff resign, after former special counsel Robert Mueller found there was no evidence the Trump campaign committed a crime related to Russia and introduced it during a committee hearing where Schiff became visibly emotional.

However, according to Stein, Schiff claims that he does not have any plans to resign.