Donald Trump Hilariously Reveals Who is to Blame For Florida State Missing the College Football Playoff

Whether you back Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, you have to be able to appreciate the humor here.

Trump criticized the Florida Governor while commenting on a college football issue. On his social media platform, he highlighted the unfair treatment of Florida State by the playoff committee, noting their exclusion despite an undefeated season and conference championship win.

He humorously suggested blaming the governor for the committee's decision, saying, "Florida State was treated very badly by the 'Committee.' They become the first Power Five team to be left out of the College Football Playoffs. Really bad lobbying effort….Let's blame [the state governor]!!!"

Alright, let's dive into this wild situation, folks. So, we've got this former leader, a big personality, right? He's out there on his platform, throwing some heat in classic fashion. But this time, it's about college football, of all things. I mean, college football! It's like the perfect storm of American passions - politics, sports, and drama.

Now, he's pointing fingers at the state governor, which is kind of hilarious when you think about it. It's like, “Hey, your football team got shafted, and somehow it's your fault.” That's a stretch, man. I mean, we all know politics can be a circus, but this is like adding a whole new ring to the show. It's not just about policies or votes now; it's about football teams and playoff spots. It's wild!

And then there's the whole thing about Florida State getting the short end of the stick. You’ve got an undefeated team, winning their conference, and they still get left out of the playoffs. That’s nuts! It's like telling a UFC fighter they won every round but still lost the match. How does that even happen? The system seems all kinds of messed up.

But, back to the former leader and the governor – this kind of public jab, it’s classic entertainment. It’s like watching two heavyweights trading blows, but instead of a ring, they’re in the political arena, and instead of fists, they’re using words and social media. It's a strange world where sports, politics, and social media collide.

In the end, it's a fascinating mix of sports drama and political theater. Whether you're into politics, football, or just love a good show, this story's got something for everyone. It’s like a real-life drama, unfolding in 280 characters or less. Man, you can’t make this stuff up. It's like reality TV, but somehow even more surreal.

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