Don't Tread on Virginia: Senate Blocks 'Assault Weapon' Ban

Democrats tried their best to get their dirty hands on guns in Virginia, but the southern state sent a firm message: don't tread on me!

Over the past several weeks, there has been a strong tension in the air as the Democrat-controlled Virginia House of Delegates has worked to ban "assault weapons" in the state. The citizens made it clear that they would not comply with such a law, though. Had the law passed, there would have definitely been a civil war.

Last week, the House passed the ban on "assault weapons" but the Senate’s Judiciary Committee voted to block the legislation on Monday.

According to WAVY the committee voted overwhelmingly at 10-5 to block HB 961 and shelve it until the the 2021 legislation session.

Interestingly enough, there were four Democrat senators who voted alongside Republicans to block the bill. They were Senators John Edwards, Creigh Deeds, Scott Surovell and Chap Petersen.

Breitbart repots: 

Breitbart News reported HB 961 would ban “assault weapons,” magazines holding 12 rounds or more, and suppressors. The legislation was sponsored by Del. Mark Levine (D) and passed by the House of Delegates on Tuesday of last week.

The NRA-ILA reported HB 961, in its original form, contained no grandfather clause for “assault weapons,” but such a clause had to be added in order to garner enough support for passage.

However, Republicans and the handful of Democrats who voted with them on the Senate Judiciary Committee want to wait on the legislation and give time for a study to show whether such a ban carries any benefit in the first place.

When will Democrats learn that they will have a roaring right on their hands if they attempt to take away our constitutional rights? We will  not lay down and allow it!

In fact, the Second Amendment was created for just a time as this! This is exactly what our forefathers wanted to protect us from! A tyrannical government that is overstepping its bounds must be stopped.

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