ESPN Issues Statement After Showing Bare-chested Women During Live Broadcast

ESPN said sorry for showing a woman who exposed her breast during the Sugar Bowl football game on TV.

This happened when they were showing a scene from Bourbon Street during the match between Washington Huskies and Texas Longhorns.

ESPN's Bill Hofheimer told the Associated Press, "We regret that this happened and apologize that the video aired in the telecast."

A video on social media shows a woman on Bourbon Street suddenly exposing her breast. Many people on social media talked about seeing it on live TV.

One person made a joke about ESPN showing such content, saying, "My timeline is talking about seeing boobs on ESPN like putting boobs on television hasn’t been their business model since they first hired Skip Bayless."

Another person commented, "Nice job on the commercial break getting the boob flash ESPN…. Lol."

A third person said, "Aaaaand ESPN just broadcast to millions of people a woman on Bourbon St showing her boobs for beads."

Some people wondered if this was filmed before the game or if it happened live.

One person said they saw a woman flashing her breast on ESPN during the Sugar Bowl's commercial break. They wrote, "Not going to show it, but ESPN just showed a woman flashing her boobs on Bourbon Street during a commercial break for the Sugar Bowl. SMH. Guessing this was prerecorded which makes it worse." Another person questioned ESPN's decision to film live on Bourbon Street, saying, "Fascinated by the choice to have the ESPN camera crew walk Bourbon Street for a live shot and assume there’d be no flashing. [SugarBowl]."

The New York Post mentioned it was not clear if the footage was live or prerecorded. In the game, Washington won against Texas 37-31 and will play Michigan next Monday for the national championship.