Four Viral Racial Hoaxes Rep. Rashida Tlaib Promoted in 2019

You are allowed to swing and miss, as long as you are on the left. Four viral racial hoaxes were promoted by Rep. Rashida Tlaib in 2019. When these stories were debunked, she didn't retract her statements or correct her comments. Washington Free Beacon did an excellent piece on this.

The most recent instant of Tlaib promoting a racist viral hoax was in Virginia where a 12-year-old black girl claimed she was pinned down by three white boys and her dreads were cut off. Amaria Allen, the accuser, has since backed out on the story. Has Tlaib corrected or deleted her tweet? Nope.

Even the activist Tlaib retweeted apologized. Why is it so easy for everyone but Rashida?

Then there was the Covington Catholic incident. Sure, she wasn't the only one who opposed the white, Catholic boys. But that doesn't make her any less wrong.

Then there was the Jussie Smollett incident. You know Rashida Tlaib ate up that nonsense story by Smollett.

Rep. Tlaib shared a GQ article just a day after Smollett accused Trump supporters in Chicago attacked him and yelled racial slurs at him and even put a noose around his neck.

In July a black Georgia Democratic lawmaker claimed that a white man at the grocery store told her to "go back" where she came from. Rashida Tlaib rushed to the aide of state representative Erica Thomas (D).

The man who was accused quickly blew holes in her story. He's a man of Cuban descent who votes Democrat. He even admitted that he did use some foul language to her but it had nothing to do with her race.

Even crazier it was actually Thomas who told Sparkes to come back where he came from.

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Tlaib gets away with whatever she wants. She falsely accuses people of being racist and won't even take shirty seconds to step in and say "my bad."