Mother of Jacob Blake Issues Apology to President Trump, Says She 'Respects' Him 'As the Leader of Our Country'

The mother of Jacob Blake has come out strongly in opposition to the rioters who are burning down their cities in response to her son's death.

A court order had been issued for Mr. Blake to stay away from his ex-girlfriend after a domestic violence claim. Despite this Blake showed up at her place of employment with a knife.

Police arrived on the scene and discovered there were warrants out for Mr. Blake's arrest, including a felony sexual assault of a minor.

When police attempted to arrest Mr. Blake, he resisted, according to their reports. They also attempted to tase him but failed and he continued resisting arrest.

Since this happened, the city of Kenosha has erupted with looting, violence and rioting. The mother of Mr. Blake called the violence "disgusting."

Mrs. Blake appeared on CNN and spoke with Don Lemon. She apologized on behalf of a family member who spoke poorly of President Trump and said the family member spoke out in anger.

She continued to say that she has respect for President Trump as the leader of our country.

Check it out:

The entire situation that transpired between Mr. Blake and the police officers needs to have a thorough investigation. The DOJ has already launched that, so hopefully we get answers sooner than later.

With that said, let's not forget Mr. Blake was a criminal who arrived that day against a restraining order and resisted arrest, refusing to take orders from the police officers. He's far from the "hero" that many are attempting to paint him as.