GA Governor: 'Coronavirus has likely been here since last year'

How many of you got sick a few months ago? It seemed like the flu but you tested negative for the flu so you toughed it out for two weeks or so...Some of you may have even gotten pneumonia from it. If not you, perhaps a friend or a loved one?

I, for one, know of SEVERAL people who got sick and couldn't shake it. They were in and out of the hospital to find out what was wrong but left without answers. Some even got pneumonia. That was BEFORE the whole coronavirus epidemic "hit" the United States.

It's been here folks...we just didn't have a name or way to test for it.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has been urging residents to stay home and practice social distancing. "We've got to make sure we're protecting people that are in long-term care facilities and nursing homes," Kemp said. "And, you know, I can't be any more serious about telling people that are in that category to stay at home."

However, he also noted that he believes the virus was actually here last year.

11 Alive reports:

Kemp told 11Alive that he believes the virus may have been here well before the first cases were confirmed - possibly stretching all the way back to December 2019 or early January. 

Since then, the increased capacity for testing has revealed an exponential increase in the amount of cases. That's why Kemp called Monday's decision to order a shelter-in-place for the "medically fragile" in Georgia a move in the right direction, and added that he's in favor of helping Georgia's counties while respecting their decisions as they work through virus concerns.

"They're dealing with the whole set of different problems, depending on where they are, what kind of city it is, versus the city of Atlanta," Kemp said.

"[What] we've got to know is if they're exposed, whether they are positive or not and whether they need self self-quarantine or not," he continued. "And that is vital to the care of individuals that are in the hospital and under medical supervision."

He said those who are most vulnerable are also a high priority on the testing lists. He said there's also work to get tests back more quickly from commercial labs. But at this point, it's a matter of dealing with the hand that they've been dealt

"If we had more tests then, you know, we could be testing everybody. And as we got positives, we could order those folks to be in self-quarantine at their homes like was down in South Korea," Kemp said. "But we're just not at that point. So, there's no need wasting time trying to do that."

He said, at this point, they have to do the best that they can with the advice of public health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"And I want to thank our citizens for helping us with that, but really obeying the orders that we have now and doing the smart thing and, you know, support in restaurants," Kemp said. "But get up and social distance yourself when you're at the grocery store."

That is not the first person I have heard mention that they think the virus was already here:

Now for a new twist on Cornona Virus, my Daughter took her Daughter to the Dr today, he said he believes the reason WV...

Posted by Keith Swiger on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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