Uber Eats Computer Glitch Botches McDonald's Big Mac Order Leaving Customer Speechless

There's nothing like the thrill of waiting for your Uber Eats order. The excitement grows, especially when you've been craving that meal all day.

Imagine the letdown when, instead of your food, you receive an empty box. Would you wonder if Uber Eats was playing a joke? Was your real meal still on its way?

This exact scenario happened to a woman who ordered her go-to McDonald's meal. Shockingly, she found an empty box instead of her Double Big Mac.

Due to a bizarre glitch in the app, all the components of the burger were unchecked. This left McDonald's staff with no option but to send her precisely what was ordered—nothing.

big mac empty box

"Technically, there should have been one patty in the box. There are two all-beef patties and the instructions only remove one," noted an observant commenter.

The woman humorously remarked, "Macca's staff must have thought I was cooked and just sent me an empty box."

Attached to the empty delivery was a receipt. It confirmed every single ingredient of a typical Big Mac had been deselected.

mcdonald's uber eats receipt

Mel took her story to Facebook, explaining the glitch. "No Big Mac Sauce, no regular onions, no pickles, no salt and pepper seasoning, no cheese, no lettuce, no meat patty, no Big Mac Bun," her receipt listed.

Reactions varied from amusement to sympathy. "Oh my God, sorry, but that is so funny," commented one person.

"Ah yes," another added. "The new Big Mac Air."

One joked about the order, "I see the randomized diet mode has been activated."

A fellow user said, "I’d probably laugh and virtual high-five the employee who delivered exactly what the order requested… before getting upset that I don’t have Maccas [McDonald’s]."

And another chimed in, "I’d just be speechless. I’ve placed my order and waited for delivery, and I’m back to where I started – with no food."