George Floyd's Son Blasts Rioters: 'Violence isn't going to Solve Anything'

I understand the protesting following the death of George Floyd by police officer. I fully support peaceful protesting and people exercising their first Amendment right. What I don't support, however, are the rioters and looters who are destroying businesses and stealing televisions "in the name of George Floyd."

That is not justice. That is simply thugs acting like thugs in the name of crisis. I am not the only one who feels that way, either. Floyd's son, Quincy Mason Floyd, gathered with hundreds of other people on Sunday in Bryan, Texas to peacefully protest the death of his father.

He said, “Tearing up things isn’t going to solve anything. My dad is in peace and we have to be the ones to deal with all this stress and its going to be kind of tough to get over this day by day.”

Quincy's sister, Connie Floyd added, “Violence is not the right way to do it… It don’t solve nothing.

Local news KETK reports:

Quincy and his sister Connie moved to the area more than 15 years ago and he said it had been years since he heard from his father. Many people in the College Station area were surprised by the local connection to the international story.

Both Floyd and his sister praised local activists for hosting peaceful demonstrations while denouncing the violence that has taken place in other cities.

The two will be in Houston on Monday to visit with other members of the extended family. They hope to announce funeral arrangements for their father soon, who will be buried in the Houston area.

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