Insanity: Police, White Liberals Wash Feet of Black Protestors While Begging Forgiveness

Never bow to the mob and never apologize for your skin color. You have absolutely no control over the race you are born and unless you have specifically have been racist, then there is absolutely nothing to apologize for.

That is something that white, virtue signaling liberals can't seem to get through their thick skull.

In what appears to be cult-like actions, you can see in the video below as police officers and white protestors washed the feet of black protest organizers as they begged forgiveness on Sunday in Cary, North Carolina.

“We repent on behalf of Caucasian people,” a white protester chanted into a megaphone while three other white people washed the feet of black faith leaders. Then one of the feet washers took the megaphone to beg forgiveness.

As if that wasn't bad enough, then you can see police officers walk up and join in on the madness! They drop to their knees and also beg for forgiveness.


Um, What!? Get up off your knees and stand to your feet! This is absolute insanity! I am thoroughly embarrassed for these virtue signaling, social justice warriors.

Thousands of George Floyd protesters were lying on the hot pavement in extreme heat and humidity chanting like brainwashed zombies — baking underneath their masks in Washington DC on Wednesday afternoon.

A large group of white liberals in Maryland took their activism to the next level on Tuesday and turned a protest into a reeducation camp.

Thousands of white people were groveling in front of blacks begging for forgiveness at the Connie Morella Library in Bethesda, Maryland on Tuesday.

The crowd of mostly white people raised their hands and repeated ‘anti-racist’ slogans like a bunch of zombies during the outdoor reeducation camp.

People who never owned slaves, and aren't racist, should not be apologizing or pay reparations to people who were never slaves.  This is pure madness.

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