WATCH: Julian Castro's Stunt at the Border Backfires Miserably When Agent Escorts Illegal Aliens Back to Mexico

The Democrats love to turn the border into a political stunt. The only thing is it never turns out how they hoped it would.

It's almost like they think that millions of illegal aliens are voting in our election. Why else would they be down by the border posing and virtue signaling so much?

The latest contestant is one of the 2020 longshots, Julian Castro. He has been working on open borders with a crazy group called "Texas Civil Rights Project."

This border stunt was not just about getting illegal immigrants in our country. They mashed two agendas into one when they escorted a group of LGBTQ illegal aliens across the border.

One issue: soon after the LGBTQ illegal aliens made it across the border they were shipped back to Mexico by border officials.

Castro broke the law when he walked these illegal aliens across the international bridge. He thought it was unfair when the illegals were not allowed to apply for asylum in the United States. Nope, that's not how it works. The asylum seekers have to wait in Mexico while the requests are processed.

This was labeled a "national embarrassment" by Castro. Nope. The real national embarrassment is what's going down in the cities in American that are ran by liberals.

Here is video of when Castro and the Texas Civil Rights Project team walked the illegal aliens across the international bridge:

Well, this is where things went south (literally) for Castro. All 12 of the illegal aliens Castro walked across the bridge were returned to sender.

Back to Mexico you go!

The open borders activists group even tweeted about the illegal aliens being sent back to their homeland.

It's good to see that with the Trump administration in place business is being taken care of at the border.

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The Democratic Party has became a competition of who can push further and further left. If only these fools cared as much about as America as they do helping illegal aliens get in this country.

Soak it up Julian, your five minutes are nearly up.